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“Join the Pace Yourself Revolution of Champions Striving To Live Life to The Fullest
In A State of Optimal Health, Peak Personal Performance and Overall Well-Being!”

Professional Medical Endorsements

“John Pace passionately lives all that he teaches and is an ideal model of living a purpose driven, empowered life making him more than qualified to help others do the same. You have everything to gain by become a student of Pace Yourself Peak Performance Academy”

Jeffrey A Donohue, M.D.
Functional & Regenerative Medicine



“John Pace takes you on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and transforms your body, mind, and spirit producing the best you yet, and makes it fun for all. He delivers the most motivational life transforming curriculum that will change your life for the good and then some!”

pace7Paul King White, M.D.
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

“Pace has a contagious enthusiasm for helping people increase the quality and longevity of their life and reaching their personal peak. He takes you to the top of the summit to see all that life is meant to be and helps you stay there and enjoy the abundant life every day.”

Sonny Dosanjh, M.D.
ABMS Board Certified
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Emory Fellowship Trained
Pain Medicine


“Pace is a Master Motivator and Peak Performance Coach empowering people with life changing, proven strategies that promote living life to the fullest. His heart to serve others and help people see the light is a cut above the rest!”

Dr. Richard Alan Dietz, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of Value.

Only a life lived for others is a life Worthwhile”
                                                                    Albert Einstein

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